Oct 2012
Author(s): Simpson, Murray; Mercer Clarke, Colleen S.L.; Clarke, John D.; Scott, Daniel; Clarke, Alexander J.
Bank investments in tourism and other coastal development projects have been on the rise, generating an interest in the development of instruments and tools that would more effectively inform Bank…
Jul 2006
Author(s): Solberg, Scott
Este documento fue comisionado por la Red de Desastres Naturales del Diálogo Regional de Política para la VI Reunión Hemisférica celebrada los días 24 y 25 de abril de 2006.
Apr 2006
Author(s): Vos, Rob; Velasco, Margarita; De Labastida, Edgar
This study proposes methodologies to identify different types of risks associated with natural disasters and to establish degrees of vulnerability to such risks by geographical areas and population…