Dec 2002
Author(s): Devlin, Robert; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Taylor, Alan M.; Venables, Anthony J.; Adserà, Alícia; Boix, Carles; Laird, Sam; Messerlin, Patrick A.; Torrent, Ramón; Cremona, Marise; Mattli, Walter; Jordana, Jacint; Ramió, Carles; Narula, Rajneesh; Evenett, Simon J.
This book analyzes the role of trade as a central pillar of the structural reform process and a bridge to capturing the dynamic development forces of an increasingly globalized world economy.
Nov 2001
Author(s): Giuffrida, Antonio; Iunes, Roberto F.; Macías, Héctor
Occupational health is increasingly recognized as an important public health issue in Latin American and the Caribbean. One major concern is the absence of reliable data on its magnitude and economic…
Dec 1997
Author(s): Rojas-Suárez, Liliana; Birdsall, Nancy; Naím, Moisés; Lora, Eduardo; James, Estelle; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Gavin, Michael; Sabot, Richard H.; Lustig, Nora; Londoño, Juan Luis; Cortázar, René; Graham, Carol; Weisbrod, Steven R.; Hausmann, Ricardo; Coles, Jonathan; Carter, Michael R.; Alfaro, Raquel; Briscoe, John; Sheahan, John; Bradburn, Ralph; Stiglitz, Joseph
Latin American experts demonstrate how market-friendly measures in key policy areas can promote greater equity and efficiency. By identifying win-win strategies, the authors challenge the…
Sep 1997
Author(s): Londoño, Juan Luis; Székely, Miguel
The objective of this work is to assess the changes in poverty and inequality that have taken place in Latin America and the Caribbean from 1970 to 1995, with special emphasis on the 1990s. The main…
May 1997
Author(s): Székely, Miguel; Londoño, Juan Luis
El desarrollo de América Latina en las últimas décadas no ha sido equitativo. La región ha tenido el grado de desigualdad mas alto del mundo. Ello permea la opinión pública, los círculos…
Feb 1997
Author(s): Birdsall, Nancy; Londoño, Juan Luis
In light of recent results, the fight against poverty in Latin America has been far from satisfactory. The standard approach of multicultural credit agencies will continue to be limited if it does…