Dec 2002
Author(s): Devlin, Robert; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Taylor, Alan M.; Venables, Anthony J.; Adserà, Alícia; Boix, Carles; Laird, Sam; Messerlin, Patrick A.; Torrent, Ramón; Cremona, Marise; Mattli, Walter; Jordana, Jacint; Ramió, Carles; Narula, Rajneesh; Evenett, Simon J.
This book analyzes the role of trade as a central pillar of the structural reform process and a bridge to capturing the dynamic development forces of an increasingly globalized world economy.
Jul 1998
Author(s): Gavin, Michael; Hausmann, Ricardo
Latin America's enormous endowment of natural resources impacts many countries of the region. Economic liberalization in several countries was followed by rapid growth of foreign investment and…
Dec 1997
Author(s): Rojas-Suárez, Liliana; Birdsall, Nancy; Naím, Moisés; Lora, Eduardo; James, Estelle; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Gavin, Michael; Sabot, Richard H.; Lustig, Nora; Londoño, Juan Luis; Cortázar, René; Graham, Carol; Weisbrod, Steven R.; Hausmann, Ricardo; Coles, Jonathan; Carter, Michael R.; Alfaro, Raquel; Briscoe, John; Sheahan, John; Bradburn, Ralph; Stiglitz, Joseph
Latin American experts demonstrate how market-friendly measures in key policy areas can promote greater equity and efficiency. By identifying win-win strategies, the authors challenge the…
Dec 1995
Author(s): Gavin, Michael; Hausmann, Ricardo
This paper discusses the ways in which macroeconomic developments can put stress on banks, and in extreme cases lead to banking crises. These macroeconomic causes of bank vulnerability and crisis…