Nov 2007
Author(s): Pombo, Carlos; Gutiérrez, Luis H.
This paper studies the separation of ownership and control of 108 listed companies in Colombia from 1996 to 2002, finding that voting rights are greater than cash flow rights because of indirect…
Oct 2007
Author(s): Masci, Pietro; Tejerina, Luis; Webb, Ian
This paper provides an initial glimpse into the performance of the insurance industry in the region through the use of a broad diagnostic survey. It also provides some descriptive statistics based on…
Jul 2007
Author(s): Tejerina, Luis; Westley, Glenn D.
This document measures access and use of financial services making use of information from household surveys in Latin America and the Caribbean
Dec 2006
Author(s): Bebczuk, Ricardo N.; Da Silva, André L. Carvalhal; Chong, Alberto E.; Cruces, Juan José; Garay, Urbi; González, Maximiliano; Gutiérrez, Luis H.; Kawamura, Enrique; Leal, Ricardo P. C.; Lefort, Fernando; López-de-Silanes, Florencio; Pombo, Carlos; Walker, Eduardo
'Investor Protection and Corporate Governance' analyzes the impact of corporate governance on firm performance and valuation. Using unique datasets gathered at the firm-level--the first…