Jul 2018
Author(s): Martinez, Sebastian; Sanchez, Raul; Yáñez-Pagans, Patricia
This is study proposal to assess the effects of aerial cable cars on mode of transport, time use and employment in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. Using an instrumental variables approach, the study…
Feb 2018
Author(s): Martinez, Sebastian; Taboada, Bibiana; Davis, Lucas
Este resumen describe los principales hallazgos de un estudio en México que evalúa los resultados de intervenciones de eficiencia energética en viviendas de interés social en un desarrollo. Las eco-…
Jan 2018
Author(s): Bernal, Pedro; Martinez, Sebastian; Celhay, Pablo
This document contains the appendices to "Is Results-Based Aid More Effective than Conventional Aid? Evidence from the Health Sector in El Salvador".
Dec 2017
Author(s): Schoolderman, Ruurd; Bicer, Bulent; Valencia J., Adriana M.
The growing demand for sustainable energy drives the need for a local workforce to fulfill the demand for experienced and skilled technicians and professionals at various levels, who are capable of…
Sep 2017
Author(s): Araujo, María Caridad; Martínez, María Adelaida; Martinez, Sebastian; Pérez, Michelle; Sánchez, Mario
While the effects of conditional cash transfers on primary school enrollment, attendance and dropouts are well documented, few studies address their impact on longer-term outcomes
like high-…