Jan 2006
Author(s): Meardon, Stephen
During much of the previous era of globalization, from the 1860s until the First World War, U.S. tariffs were surprisingly high. Present-day economic historians have suggested that U.S. protection as…
Jan 2003
Author(s): Devlin, Robert; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Taylor, Alan M.; Venables, Anthony J.; Adserà, Alícia; Boix, Carles; Laird, Sam; Messerlin, Patrick A.; Torrent, Ramón; Cremona, Marise; Mattli, Walter; Jordana, Jacint; Ramió, Carles; Narula, Rajneesh; Evenett, Simon J.
This book analyzes the role of trade as a central pillar of the structural reform process and a bridge to capturing the dynamic development forces of an increasingly globalized world economy.