Sep 2014
Author(s): Kayser, Olivier; Klarsfeld, Lucie; Brossard, Simon
Broadband has a potential impact on the base of the pyramid (BOP), a segment of the population previously excluded from markets, and which lacks access to quality goods and services. Broadband…
Nov 2013
Author(s): Cohen, Peter; Ijgosse, Jeroen; Sturzenegger, Germán
This document objective is to assist practitioners and decision-makers engaged in the preparation and implementation of inclusion plans for informal recyclers working at final disposal sites. The key…
Nov 2013
Author(s): Cohen, Peter; Ijgosse, Jeroen; Sturzenegger, Germán
El objetivo de este documento es asistir a profesionales y tomadores de decisiones que participan en la preparación e implementación de un Plan de Inclusión de recicladores informales que trabajan en…
Jul 2013
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Launched at the Fourth Global Review on Aid-for-Trade (AfT), the Aid-for-Trade Report 2012-2013 touts progress achieved with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group's AfT portfolio. As…
Apr 2012
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Some 360 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean -70 percent of the population- live on very low incomes and have not shared in the economic and social growth of the region. These people…
May 2011
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); Un Techo Para Mi País
This brochure presents the exhibit "Design with the Base of the Pyramid" supported by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and the Opportunities for the Majority Sector (OMJ) of the Inter…
May 2007
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
This document presents the Opportunity for the Majority Development Initiative, which was launched in June 2006. Under the Initiative, the IDB is working with the private sector and civil society to…
Mar 2007
Author(s): Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID)
Catálogo da exposição "Faces do Desenvolvimento", apresentada na sede do BID em março de 2007. Fotos ilustram as faces de brasileiros que participam de projetos do BID no Brasil.
Nov 2004
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
This third edition of Investing in Gender Equality presents IDB projects that exemplify good work in the integration of gender considerations in their design. The 18 projects included in this edition…
Oct 2002
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
The second issue of "Investing in Women" underscores the Inter-American Development Bank's commitment to enhancing the contributions of women to development and ensuring their…