Mar 2014
Author(s): Lendle, Andreas; Olarreaga, Marcelo
Technology made available by online markets has signifcantly reducedthe cost of entry into international markets for small and medium sized
firms, who can now reach far away consumers and…
Mar 2013
Author(s): Soldano, Miguel
During 2008 and 2009, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB, or Bank) assessed and documented shortcomings and constraints in its information technology (IT) capabilities, and in 2008 it created…
May 2012
Author(s): García Zaballos, Antonio; Truitt Nakata, Ginya
This report is intended to encourage and reinforce the efforts of policymakers and industry stakeholders throughout the region to accelerate broadband deployment. The report has two primary aims. The…
Sep 2011
Author(s): Comisión Asesora en Alta Tecnología (CAATEC)
This paper uses a randomized controlled experiment in Costa Rica to determine whether IB use by Banco Nacional de Desarrollo's micro and small enterprise (MSE) clients has an impact on their…
May 2010
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
This document has been elaborated by the OECD and the IADB with the support and collaboration of the CNIC. The document is part of an effort of the CNIC to support the dynamics of innovation policy…
Dec 2009
Author(s): Smith, Ellen
This report focuses on the determinants of the first type of research output: new knowledge. There are no direct measures of this type of research output, but several proxies have been typically used…
Aug 2009
Author(s): Pietrobelli, Carlo
This paper has two main objectives. First, it aims at briefly reviewing the concept of Regional Innovation System (RIS) as it has been proposed in the literature, and especially in light of the use…
Aug 2008
Author(s): Ca'Zorzi, Antonio
This paper provides an overview of the role of information and communications technology for small businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean and the development of the MIF ICT4BUS program.
May 2008
Author(s): Llisterri, Juan J.; García-Alba, Jaime
Oct 2006
Author(s): Ramos Gomes, Antonio
DATASUL: Company Overview
Oct 2006
Author(s): Aguiar Campos, Sérgio Vale
SME Metasys: A Business Management System for SMEs
Oct 2006
Author(s): Navarro, Juan Carlos
The One Laptop Per Child initiative is an educational program that aims at deploying millions of rugged, ultra low-cost, individually connected laptop computers to the majority of children in…
May 2005
Author(s): Aguiar Campos, Sérgio Vale
What is Free Software, Why Free Software , Disadvantages of Free Software, What's Missing in Free Software Today , The Metasys Solution
May 2005
Author(s): Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
The first meeting of the ICT Cluster was convened on 4-5 May, 2005 at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), in Monterrey, Mexico.
May 2005
Author(s): Talamanca, Carlo Figà
ICT and SMEs: Experiences in Italy and China
Nov 2000
Author(s): Ca'Zorzi, Antonio
This paper discusses the impact of electronic commerce on the private sector of developing countries and outlines the potential role of the Inter American Development Bank in promoting the use of ICT…
Jan 2000
Author(s): Roland-Holst, David; McCleery, Robert K.; González, Flavio Floreal; Giambiagi, Fabio; Stephenson, Sherry; Bussolo, Maurizio; Ivascanu, Daniela; Hinojosa Ojeda, Raúl
The Integration & Trade Journal includes articles on the different aspects of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, on hemispheric integration and, furthermore, on similar processes in…