Integration and Trade Journal: Volume 21: No. 43: December, 2017: LATINDIA: The Future of Cooperation between India and Latin America

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Ahumada, Jose Miguel;
Banerjee, Chandrajit;
Bery, Suman;
Bhojwani, Deepak;
Caro Vargas, Soraya;
Celaya, Dario;
Chakrabarti, Rajesh;
Das, Ram Upendra;
Garg, Ankita;
Giri, Tuhinsubhra;
Juma, Jill Atieno;
Mangla, Sanjay Kumar;
Mavroeidi, Vasiliki;
Perez-Restrepo, Camilo;
Ramaswamy, Dave;
Rasquinha, David;
Seshasayee, Hari;
Singh, Harsha Vardhana;
Turzi, Mariano;
Vasquez, Edgar;
Viswanathan, Rengaraj;
Dec 2017
More than thirty experts from India and Latin America imagine the future of cooperation between the two regions. They point to South-South integration as the inevitable path to export diversification and a key factor in achieving balance in global governance. The issues analyzed in this report include the opportunities that come with industry 4.0, new value chains, e-commerce, microfinance, and synergies in agricultural production, the vehicle sector, and the orange economy. Through concrete proposals on how to move forward with trade negotiations, facilitate investment and trade, and expand diplomatic ties, the specialists brought together by INTAL/IDB suggest ways to strengthen a partnership that is key to the development of Latin America’s economies.