Impact Evaluation of the Program for the Development of Industrial Districts in Brazil

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Oct 2010
This report evaluates the Program for the Development of Industrial Districts in Brazil, launched in 2003 with funding from the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). The program played an important role in helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) improve productive factors and governance in Brazil. It contributed to the creation and development of the Arranjos Produtivos Locais (APL) concept in Brazil, which has become an important cluster reference and economic development vehicle for Brazil's SME development. The program also heightened public awareness by supporting and promoting public discussions among high-level policy makers about SME development. The evaluation team assessed the program in terms of the following factors: a) The overall project lifecycle and the rationale behind it, as well as the specific industrial districts achievements and goals according to each of the program components; b) The key five dimensions, namely: (i) scope and strategic relevant; (ii) internal quality; (iii) likely impact; (iv) dialog and dissemination and (v) stakeholders and beneficiary roles.