Good Practices in Marketing for Micro and Small Enterprise Products: Cases from Latin-America

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Mikkelsen, Lene
Dec 1999
It has been established that access to profitable markets is a key factor which determines the long-term success for all businesses. For small and microenterprises, however, various constraints limit this access, such as inadequate technology, geographic isolation, lack of raw materials and inefficient production. By providing ways to overcome these constraints, marketing service providers play an essential role in developing the businesses of small and micro producers. Based on three case studies of marketing service providers -from Colombia, Nicaragua and El Salvador- dealing with handicrafts, nontraditional agricultural products, and household goods, this study focuses on the possibility for short and long-term sustainability of marketing services. The study discusses the impact ancillary services have on the ability for partial or full cost-recovery and for institutional sustainability, and the business strategies adopted by each marketing service provider.