Economic Valuation Applied to Air Quality and Pollution Management: Examples of Experiences, Political Implications and Application in a Regional Context.

Mar 2004
This presentation was commissioned by the Environment Network of the Regional Policy Dialogue for the III Hemispheric Meeting celebrated on March 9th and 10th, 2004. Objective: Economic valuation of the Third Program of Air Quality 2000-2010 (PROAIRE). Focused on health benefits associated to reductions of PM10 and Ozone: 4 scenarios against a baseline 1995-99, but considers also social effects of environmental contingencies. Time Horizon: 2000-2010, results shown for 2010 Uses local and international studies to estimate the change in health effects (Many epidemiological studies have been conducted in México City). Uses one US Study to estimate the long-term exposure effects on premature mortality. Uses unit values derived in the US and transferred to México, and Human Capital to value mortality reductions Performed by the Environmental Studies Institute (IVM, The Netherlands) and The National Center for Environmental Health (CENSA) supported by many other institutions.