Country Program Evaluation: El Salvador 2015-2019

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Feb 2020
This Country Program Evaluation (CPE) is the fourth independent evaluation of the Inter-American Development Banks country program with El Salvador conducted by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE). The evaluation is structured into four chapters plus supplementary annexes. Chapter I analyzes the general context in the country in the framework of the IDB Groups work. Chapter II examines the IDB Groups program in 2015-2019, with particular reference to the relevance of the country strategy and program, as well as the efficiency of their implementation. Chapter III evaluates the degree of progress toward the strategic objectives set out by the Bank in the country strategy for the 2015-2019 period and the IDB Groups contribution toward the achievement and sustainability of those objectives. Chapter IV presents conclusions and recommendations. Lastly, the annexes provide a breakdown of the portfolio and analyses in support of the CPE, including on the extent to which IDB Group Management implemented the recommendations from the previous CPE.