Community Learning Centers for the Implementation and Development of Sustainable Sanitation in Chile

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Saavedra, Guillermo;
Garcia, Mariela
Sep 2015
Ducci, Jorge
Chile has a long tradition in Community Management of water supply and sanitation at the rural areas. However, 80 percent of rural areas don't have access to waste water treatment, with the risk of diseases and pollution of water sources. There are significant challenges to address to solve these, ranging from the necessity of infrastructure to cooperation and technology transference among peers, and technical and management agencies within the country. The implementation of the first Community Learning Center (CLC) on Environmental Sanitation in Chile is developed by FESAN with the support of national government, international organizations and academic sector from Chile and Colombia. The CLC will act as an education hub of rural water sanitation management. It will train, network and empower community leaders and operators of rural sanitation services, also being a demonstration center on eco-efficient treatment technologies. As a result, CLC will build a management model for cooperative operators and create knowledge on the adoption of eco-technologies.